A Little About Me

I am an artist based in Utah. I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. The earliest memories I have about my artwork go back to second grade when a guest artist came to my school to talk to us about what he did. I showed him my drawings and he was encouraging and kind. He was one of the first to inspire me to keep drawing. 
My sister, who is quite the artist herself, was also a great inspiration to me. I remember often watching her "doodle" on paper, napkins, walls, anything. She taught me how to draw horses and encouraged me. 
I took every art class I could while growing up, from public school classes to 4-H classes. I learned how to oil paint from an amazing woman in my neighborhood who gave of her time and talents to teach children to paint. I was also lucky to have a professor in college, Max Bunnell, who was a guiding light for me and my art. He was encouraging, inspirational, and helped to drive my love and passion for watercolors. I will always be grateful for the love, mentorship and encouragement of these and other people in my life. 
I paint whenever I get the chance. That sometimes means I paint with my grandson while I am camping or I go painting with artist friends. But, most of my work is done in my studio. I love the outdoors and that is where I find my inspiration. From storm clouds to flowers, old barns and trucks to mountain vistas. I paint what captures my interest and emotion. From landscapes, animals or people, I am not married to one subject. 
My goal is to share what I create with others. To share the beauty that inspired me to paint or draw the subject in the first place. I hope that you find joy and beauty from my artwork as well.